Six types of pregnancy exercise

Pre-Natal Yoga

The gentle stretches and breathing exercises will help you to relax and prepare for labour, while slowly getting fitter and stronger.


You can enjoy brisk 20-30 minute walks anywhere you enjoy daily, provided that you don’t patsy around on unstable surfaces, where you could fall and hurt yourself or your baby.


Stationary cycling is another low impact exercise, that is very safe, even for exercise first-timers. It’s perfect to get your heart rate up and get the blood flowing, without placing too much stress on your joints.


Swimming is a fantastic low impact exercise that will enable you to burn some cals and remain toned, without placing pressure on your joints. Again, just be wary of those slippery sides when you get in and out, never dive, and stay away from hot tubs or saunas.

Low Impact Aerobics

If the idea of aerobics tickles your fancy, then go for it. But have a look around for aerobics classes that are specially designed for pregnant women. Remember, any high impact activity, like jumps and kicks, are a complete no-no.

Squatting and Tilting

The fundi’s state that squatting and pelvis tilting may open up your pelvis and alleviate the labour process. To make sure you don’t hurt yourself in any way, do your research and do a session or two with a personal trainer to get your form right first.

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